Doing Business With ESA



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Programme Overview

This training course introduces the fundamentals of how to successfully engage with the European Space Agency [ESA]. It includes all the practical information required to support a straightforward start to working with ESA, including an introduction to the procurement process; the esa-star system; Tender and Proposal Template documents; IP requirements and PSS cost breakdown forms. Upon completion, course graduates will be ready to engage with ESA in a knowledgeable and efficient manner.

Course Dates



Learning outcomes

  • How to engage & interact with ESA
  • Practical knowledge of how to register with ESA & respond to ITT’s
  • Understanding the key parts of ESA Invitation To Tender document pack
  • Understanding of ESA PSS sheets
  • Knowledge of ESA IP Policy
  • Take away pack on key details on How to Do Business with ESA

Who is the course for?

Managers, engineers, and other professionals to understand how to successfully engage with the European Space Agency and requiring an introduction to ESA’s Tendering system and proposal requirements.


  • PART 1: How ESA Works & How to Engage
  • ESA, Ireland and Ensuring ESA is right for your company
  • PART 2: Essentials of Doing Business With ESA
  • Registering with ESA, Procurement Process & the esa-star portal
  • Typical ESA ITT, ESA Proposal Templates and PSS Forms

Trainer Profile

Dr Ronan Wall is the Manager of the UCD Centre for Space Research. He has over 18 years’ experience in proposal writing, management and evaluation with SME, Prime Contractor, UK Space Agency and Academia. Ronan was the ESA Proposals Course instructor at Airbus Defence and Space Ltd and has taught proposal management on the UCD MSc in Space Science & Technology for the past 5 years.