What we do

Space Industry Skillnet is an enterprise led training network that organises essential training for Irish companies who are, or who want to be, involved in the delivery of technology and services to the European Space Agency (ESA) in support of it’s space programmes (www.esa.int).

Training Programmes

Space Industry Skillnet provides the following range of training programmes that respond to the training needs of it’s member companies but also responds to specific training requirements of it’s members, delivering training locally and at all levels of your organisation.

  • Quality Assurance in the space industry
  • Space Reliability Engineering
  • Space Payload Safety
  • Space Qualified Soldering and Electronic Assembly
  • PC-610E & IPC-7711B/7721B Certified Instructor / Specialist Training
  • Writing a Good ESA Proposal
  • Programme Management
  • AS9100 Quality Training

Our aims

Space Industry Skillnet is a national training network and operates in all technology sectors. The objective of Space Industry Skillnet is to encourage and enable more Irish companies to consider the space industry as a truly commercial opportunity and to provide them with the skills to grow their business and succeed in a fast changing world.

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Steering Group

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Member Companies

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About Skillnet Ireland

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Management Development

Enhancing management capacity, particularly in SMEs, is key priority for all Skillnet Ireland networks. In addition to the programmes our network delivers, Skillnet Ireland has a suite of Management Development Programmes available to help business owners and managers improve business performance and enable businesses achieve better results. Click here for more information on the Skillnet Ireland website.

Employment Activation Programmes

Space Industry Skillnet focuses on supporting those in employment within the Space sector. A number of other Skillnet Networks participate in the Skillnet Ireland Employment Activation programme. This initiative is designed exclusively for unemployed people and includes free training in skills in demand by companies combined with direct access to employers through meaningful work placements. For further information on Skillnet Networks offering free training programmes for those seeking employment, subject to eligibility criteria, see the Skillnet Ireland website.


"Being an automotive company with a large workforce Space Industry Skillnet has given us the ability to train our employees in-house and customize the training to the company’s ever-growing needs. As a busy electronics company, it is essential to supply our many customers a high-quality product."

John A O’Leary

Operations Training Team Leader

"Through Improved company and employee knowledge, attitude, competency and networking we are already seeing efficiencies" techniques and opportunities which enable us to put ourselves in a position to win more business”

Peter O’Kane

Engineering Manager

"We engaged the services of SIS to assist us in bringing the necessary skills into the company, specifically relating to IPC standards. Having staff certified is a key differentiator when we are audited by our customers and leads to repeat business. For the staff there is the satisfaction of being certified in a key transferable skill."

Bernard Mulcahy

Manufacturing Manager