The independent HD Video Telemetry Kit (VIKI) cameras, designed and manufactured in Dublin by Space Industry Skillnet member Réaltra, being mounted on the Ariane 5 Upper Stage just before the launch of James Webb Space Telescope on Christmas Day 2021. Credit ©ESA / ArianeSpace

The benefits of your company joining Space Industry Skillnet.

Why Join?

Member companies of Space Industry Skillnet benefit from low cost access to high quality training that supports the growth of their business in a fast changing world. The training network will assist your company to overcome barriers that may be preventing it from reaching its potential through delivering state of the art training locally for employees at all levels in your organisation.

The following benefits are available to Space Industry Skillnet member companies:


  • Sharing best practices with other members
  • Developing new business opportunities
  • Enabling greater buying power for specialised training
  • Access to a greater range of relevant training topics
  • Stimulates collaboration between members with innovation and R&D
  • Companies receive targeted training suited to their specific needs

Who can join?

We welcome companies from all technology and business sectors in Ireland as members of Space Industry Skillnet.

How can I join?

For further information on how your business can benefit from access to training through Space Industry Skillnet please complete our membership form below and we will contact you directly to discuss your training needs in more detail.


“RTT has through SIS accessed relevant, quality training at a reduced cost with flexibility to fit with our schedule.
Through Improved company and employee knowledge, attitude, competency and networking we are already seeing efficiencies, techniques and opportunities which enable us to put ourselves in a position to win more business”

Peter O'Kane

Engineering Manager, Realtime Technologies

“As a company, we have used Space Industry Skillnet in conjunction with ATEK Training for many years to upskill our Operations Trainers to a CIT level of IPC-A-610 and IPC-7711/7721.
Being an automotive company with a large workforce Space Industry Skillnet has given us the ability to train our employees in-house and customize the training to the company’s ever-growing needs.
As a busy electronics company, it’s essential to supply our many customers with a high-quality product.”

John A O’Leary

Operations Training Team Leader

“We engaged the services of SIS to assist us in bringing the necessary skills into the company, specifically relating to IPC standards. Having staff certified is a key differentiator when we are audited by our customers and leads to repeat business. For the staff there is the satisfaction of being certified in a key transferable skill.”

Bernard Mulcahy

Manufacturing Manager, Atalograph