Drones - understanding the basics


1 Day




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Programme Overview

This course provides a general overview of how to get started, and how to apply drone technology to your specific needs and meet your company’s goals. We provide the tools necessary to make informed decisions on licencing, craft selection, safety and hands-on experience to instil confidence.

You will be a registered A1/A3 certificate holder issued by the IAA at the end of the course. This is a stepping stone to further licencing.


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Learning outcomes

  • Confidence in the next steps

  • Ability to make informed decisions

  • General knowledge of basic drone operations

  • What’s important to your business

  • Do you need to establish a drone program?

Who is the course for?

Content creation / Project management Utilities / Solar / Turbine / Pipeline Construction / Architecture / Surveying Engineering / Inspection / Transport Security / Events / Emergency response Maritime / Navigation / Satellite data capture Agri / Forestry / Farming / Logistics Maintenance / Communications / Airports Councils / Property sales – management Software – APP developers / Universities


Course Outline – basic understanding

  • Licensing – What category suits you

  • Registration as an A1 / A3 operator

  • Craft familiarisation / choosing a craft

  • The basic rules

  • Where to fly– Understanding airspace

  • Insurance to operate
    Operating a drone / good airmanship – drones supplied by the teacher
    Exploring applications / software options Satellite navigation / RTK / GNSS  applications



How You Will Learn

  • Expert instruction and discussion
  • Hands-on experience
  • Practical legislative engagement


Students must bring

  • Laptop / Email account

  • Form of ID – licence / passport

  • Ability to pay on-line registration fee €40

    Trainer Profile

    Ian Kiely is a professional UAV operator with many years of flying experience, developing and consulting. With a vast knowledge of the wider drone industry, Ian has delivered projects for private clients, government organisations and the European Space Agency.

    Ian has moderated international drone conferences, co-authored two best-selling Drone Professional books and many publications.